Hotspots: The Series

is an innovative episodic documentary built upon years of research and study,

that tells the human stories behind Climate Change.

With a new team, Hotspots is expanding into a 3-episode documentary series. Hotspots tells the stories of everyday people from around the world to share how climate change is affecting their traditions or livelihoods.


Local Colorado producer, Carley Rutledge, began Hotspots while in graduate school at CU. As the project continued, Mike Gough, founder of Boulder based production company Fulframe, became interested in helping the project grow. With the resources of his production company,

Carley and Mike were able to take this small web series and turn it into a top tier episodic documentary. Together, they have created a visually stunning and emotionally impactful first episode, with the hopes of revolutionizing the landscape of climate change communication.

β€œFor many years, others have tried and failed to use facts and figures to convince people of Climate Change. We want to re-brand the world of science communication and bring it back to basics using compelling visuals and emotional storytelling.”

- Carley Rutledge, Producer

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